Chip Chip Ltd was set up specifically to provide consistent, virgin high quality, dry and contaminant free wood fuel for biomass boilers in the UK.

Lack of knowledge regarding the effect that wet and / or contaminated fuel can have on a biomass boiler has meant consumers have been purchasing poor quality sub-standard fuel.

Increased wear and tear, increased maintenance costs and reduced boiler output performance has resulted from this type of inadequate fuel,ultimately leading to reduced boiler lifespan.

Chip Chip is here to solve that problem. From its own depots across the UK, the company sells only sustainable, traceable, high quality dried wood fuel that conforms to the stringent rules set out by the Biomass Suppliers List and The Green Dragon Environmental Management Standard – Level 4.

Chip Chip wood fuel is tested monthly at a UKAS Accreditation Centre for particulate size, fines content and moisture content. Additionally, daily checks are undertaken in-house via the company’s own Quality Assurance Scheme.

By chipping its own wood, Chip Chip ensures product consistency. Experience has proven that particulate size cannot be guaranteed by a third party chipper. The wood is chipped when wet to BS EN 14961, then dried to the moisture content as required.

Ofgem are revising legislation surrounding wood fuels for biomass boilers to make sure it meets the right moisture content. If a boiler is not burning the correct specification fuel, as detailed within it’s emission certificate, Ofgem have the right to remove non-compliant participants from the RHI scheme.

Make sure you check out out website to find out more: www.chipchip.co.uk