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Chip Chip biomass wood chip is an approved supplier on the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Biomass Suppliers List (BSL).  Buying wood chip from a BSL approved supplier satisfies some of the new requirements which biomass boiler owners need to meet in order to claim RHI payments.

As a supplier approved under the BSL, Chip Chip demonstrate that the wood fuel we provide will deliver at least 60% cuts in carbon emissions and also comes from traceable, sustainable grown sources.

For any prices please just call our central sales line 03301 232014 or email




Still thinking about biomass? Act now.

There’s still time to install a wood chip biomass boiler and receive RHI payments.

We are happy to hold your hand and talk you through the process. Together with our boiler installer partner Wood Energy we can recommend a boiler to suit your needs.

Once you have your boiler installed we can then help you with your long term fuel requirements with our premium wood chip biomass fuel.

Please just call our central sales line 03301 232014 or


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We specialise in biomass wood chip fuel for heating green houses and plant nurseries.

We have many clients with a large heat demand this time of year and require a supplier that can deliver consistent quality premium wood chip fuel to meet that heat demand. So here at Chip Chip we are here to meet these demands no mater how big or small your fuel requirement is. If you are not getting the service or quality you expect from your current supplier please feel free to give us the opportunity to quote for your business.

Please just call our central sales line 03301 232014 or

email :



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Your local wood chip biomass fuel supplier.

A national company with a local depot on your door step ready to deliver.

Chip Chip currently have locations strategically located around the UK, and growing. So whatever the location or volume demand we are able to meet client needs quickly and efficiently.

Logistics and Delivery

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So why 20% moisture content from Chip Chip?

18–22% is the optimum amount of moisture content required in wood chip to ensure the fuel burns cleanly and efficiently.

It is also the optimum price balance when calculated by the kWhr – which is the true fuel cost measure.

Biomass boilers are generally designed to work to these tolerances to maximise the RHI and to adhere to the clean air act. Those that aren’t will also see improvement in performance levels.

Wood chip with little or no moisture content burn too rapidly. Wood chip with more than the recommended moisture content reduces the power output and causes excessive tarring, ash production and emissions.



Please just call our central sales line 03301 232014 or




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Biomass Boiler Commissioning Wood Chip Fuel

Here at Chip Chip we offer support to new owners of biomass boilers to get their systems up and running.  Get your system up and running with the best quality fuel from Chip Chip.  Our wood chip is a consistent quality, high calorific wood chip fuel specifically produced to get the highest possible performance from biomass boilers. Dried to the highest specification to provide the maximum kWh per tonne, Chip Chip ensures that a customer’s boiler achieves optimum energy efficiency and payback.


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Having problems getting the output from your boiler?

It may not be the Gremlins in the machine, but it could just be the Gremlins in the fuel.

Only force dried fuel from Chip Chip has the ability to get the best output from your boiler. That’s because our fuel has a calorific value of 4000kWhrs/t or better. We dry our fuel down to 20% moisture content, meaning day in day out regardless of the time of year, you receive the same high quality fuel no matter what.

With 10 sites strategically located around the UK we’re bound to have a depot near you.

Give us a call or email us today to see if we can get rid of your Gremlins.

The cold weather is coming – stock up now!!


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